The following organizations are good resources for information on gynecological cancers:

Cancer Care -

    National Cancer Institute -

    Mayo Clinic -

    Ovarian Cancer National Alliance -

   Conversations! The International Newsletter for Those fighting Ovarian Cancer/

                                                                                                    National Comprehensive Cancer Network :

                                                                          National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Foundation for Women’s Cancer

                                                                                                         Ovarian Problems Discussion List: 
                                                                           Email discussion group for women with ovarian cancer. 
                                                        To subscribe go to
The Association for Cancer Online Resources at

                                                          click on mailing lists to locate the Ovarian Cancer Discussion List. 

Have Questions? Want to talk with others about what you are going through?
or Illinois women there is a  FaceBook  page:
                                                             Living With Gynecological Cancer

                                                          It is a closed group, administrator screened, which means you       have to join to participate and post  things.          Check it out!


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