Teal Time  

Who we are:

A support group for survivors of ovarian cancer based in Springfield, Illinois, Tealtime provides opportunities for discussion and exchange of concerns, symptoms, medical and assistance resource availability and information, and general comradery of those who have faced the same or similar life experiences.  Membership is open to all ovarian cancer survivors.  There are no dues or financial expectations beyond paying for your own meals.  If possible, we hope members will periodically  volunteer to help at group or local cancer fighting organizational events.

We try to

    •    meet and talk once a month, usually for a meal, lunch or dinner,  at a local restaurant;
    •    support and participate in events such as the annual American Cancer Society sponsored    
                  Relay for Life and the Be Aware Women's Fair sponsored by Memorial Medical Center;
    •    attend Women’s Cancer Foundation free day-long educational seminars;
    •    share information on new treatments, studies, events, etc. as we become aware of them,
    •    be there for each other when asked or needed.

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